Who are we?

We are collection of marketing professionals working together to bring unique solutions to your business scenario. We're based in Nashville, Tennessee, but work with businesses throughout the country.  Our expertise is in customer acquisition, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), the umbrella term for how we view all things related to digital marketing. We improve the effectiveness of your business' online presence in order to increase your top and bottom lines.

Ryan Pryor | Owner, Lead Strategist

Like most people with a music degree from Belmont, Ryan’s journey has led him to a career in something other than music. As it turns out, the parts of his mind that are drawn to the order and process of music theory and song structure, as well as the parts that revel in the creativity of tweaking and experimenting with guitar tone, are the exact same impulses that serve him so well when it comes to digital marketing.

Any successful marketing strategy marries meticulous research and analysis with a broad creative vision and a willingness to think so far outside the box that the box isn’t even in view anymore. That’s Ryan.

For seven years and counting, Ryan has been immersed in the field of online marketing, working with a wide variety of lead generation and e-commerce companies, including Dave Ramsey, Emma, Dominion Enterprises, Sherman’s Travel, and MediaShout. He loves connecting digital marketing strategy with a client’s business goals, proving ROI and shaping the trajectory of a client’s future all at the same time.

When not in the office, Ryan is spending time with friends, running, researching the Civil War, or trying to put the ol’ music degree to good use by playing a bit of rock n’ roll.

Jon Hansen | Lead Digital Strategist

Over-educated, analytical. Our very own digital anthropologist, Jon especially enjoys the way data can be used to measure and describe human behavior.  His specialty is making qualitative assessments of quantitative data. Jon's also a wizard of digital content strategy, SEO, report creation, paid search, and the cultural shifts of mid-20th century Uganda.

Zach Vinson | Content Strategist

Fast and sleek, with a mind like a steel trap. Zach recently sold his trademark mustache, and you may see others around town sporting it. Zach specializes in strategic process flow, content strategy, analytics, and paid search management. You may recognize Zach from his days working at the Silly Goose, and like a true Nashvillian, you may also see him up on stage at just about any music venue around town.

Dustin Rohrer | Junior Digital Strategist

Drummer turned business nerd. Dustin spent 8 years in the music industries of New York and Nashville before heading to Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, where he's pursuing an MBA. Focused and efficient, Dustin loves to understand the strategic underpinnings of every business decision. And despite his honed talents in PPC, reporting, and process, he's still a drummer.

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