Paid Search Account Audit


Many businesses begin running Google AdWords accounts because they need to get more traffic to their website. Particularly in areas where your website is not organically visible, paying for PPC services (pay-per-click) can drive new streams of valuable traffic to your site. These new conversions can then be optimized to continually improve your ROI.

It can be a full-time job to run a paid search account, and our experience shows that most companies who are running their AdWords accounts in-house are simply not managing them effectively. This quickly leads to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and wasted marketing budgets.

How we help: Pryor Consultation will go through your entire AdWords account and uncover the opportunities you need to jump-start the campaigns. We’ll shave off hours of work and save you some recurring lost ad spend.

Expert Review of:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign budget levels
  • Bid structures
  • Keywords and matching
  • Ad copy & tests
  • Targeting options
  • Landing pages
  • Measurement systems


  • Report detailing 10 areas of opportunity
  • 5 immediate fixes you can use to improve results

Timing & Pricing:

  • 2 weeks
  • Call to discuss your specific needs. (615) 669-9728

NOTE: The Paid Search Account Audit pairs well with our SiteCheck Website SEO Analysis
and CompThreat Competitive Marketing Analysis.

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