PPC Management


Many businesses begin running Google AdWords accounts because they need to get more traffic to their website. Particularly in areas where your website is not organically visible, paying for ad placement can drive new streams of valuable traffic to your site. These new conversions can then be optimized to continually improve your ROI.

Running an AdWords paid search account in-house is often a full-time job, and most companies who do so report they simply do not have the time to devote to managing it regularly. Account inefficiencies cause valuable marketing dollars to rocket out the window. And when those precious hours are made available to optimize the business’ ads, it means other tasks have to be neglected.

Pryor Consultation offers a depth of knowledge in PPC management, with cost-effective solutions that simply make sense.

We Will Optimize:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign budget levels
  • Bid structures
  • Keywords and matching
  • Ad copy & testing
  • Targeting options
  • Landing page suggestions
  • Measurement and reporting


  • Report demonstrating monthly actions & results


  • Recurring monthly

NOTE: The AdGrow paid search account management often begins with an AdCheck paid search account audit. It also pairs well with our SiteCheck website SEO analysis or CompThreat competitive marketing analysis.

Remarketing & Display Advertising

An under-utilized form of paid search is remarketing (sometimes called retargeting). This form of marketing allows you to target customers who have already visited your website (or opened an email) but have not made a purchase or submitted a lead.

Our practice is to use remarketing as another channel in the marketing portfolio. The strategies for using remarketing may be as simple as drawing visitors back to the site, or they may dictate the need for providing customers with a new content experience. Remarketing is another valuable arrow in our PPC management quiver.

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