Why Your SEO Needs PR

Hooray for acronyms! Ok, this title is probably a bit confusing, so let me take a second to explain where we’re coming from here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the silver bullet and magic potion that will fix your web business. There I said it.

SEO isn’t all there is. Traditional public relations (PR) is still necessary to help drive your product need awareness, product awareness, brand awareness, and brand story. You have to give people a reason to be interested in what you’re offering.

You have to make sure they know what you provide exists.

You have to make sure they know you exist.

Ranking for given keywords isn’t the primary way to make that happen, it’s just one of the methods in the mix.

And if you’ve never ironed out the particulars of your brand identity and what you stand for, this it’s essential to identify that before you start putting money into PR.

Uncited Sources Report...

On this whole idea that PR is helpful to your SEO, we chatted with a Google representative from their social platform Wildfire, and there was hard confirmation that PR efforts actually affect the perspective Google will take of your site.

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Think about it. What we’re suggesting is that you make traditional PR efforts part of your marketing mix (if they weren’t already), which will also have the downstream bonus of helping your site’s rankings.

Then you’re going to enjoy the compounding impact: PR creates a public awareness of your offerings/brand, so when people search for those products, you gain their attention with search engine visibility that supports your PR brand presence.

Now if only we had a simple, pretty graphic to help visualize this.