Holiday Advertising Considerations, Part 1: PPC Management

Whether you’re outsourcing your PPC account (Google AdWords, Facebook, AdRoll, LinkedIn, etc) or running it in-house, you need to make sure that holiday times don’t catch you off guard.  Here are a few things to double-check in your ad campaigns, or make sure your PPC management company is looking at for you.

Keywords:  Double-check

Sometimes keywords you may be using in your ads are fine during the rest of the year, but if they relate to heavily searched gift ideas, you may want to consider pausing them or changing their ads for a month or two.  

An interesting example we ran into recently was for a manufacturer of highway and railway lighting and signage.  As you might expect, toy and model train searches skyrocket near Christmas, causing their ad dollars to shoot up.  During an AdCheck audit we noted the issue and negated that traffic for them.  

Holiday Checklist.png

Bids:  Up, up, and away!

This one’s simple--in theory, anyways.  When the holidays hit, demand goes up. When demand increases, more companies will enter the bidding wars of the ad space you’re already in…which will invariably drive up your cost-per-click prices!  Careful that you don’t (A) get left behind as the prices rise and you remain the same, or (B) bid up too high and kill your margins.  It’s a fine line!

Ads:  The real kickers

Possibly the biggest sticking point for ads during the holidays is the ad copy.  If you’re operating with your normal yearly ad copy, you may be fighting competitors who’re running sales and putting those sales in their ad copy.  Suddenly your ads have lost their luster in comparison.  And don’t forget that if you change your ad copy, you’ll need to consider your landing page content…no good sending people to a “specials” page if there’s nothing special about it.

Oh, and make sure the holiday ads you're using aren't outdated (a previous year's, for example).

Oh, and make sure the holiday ads you're using aren't outdated (a previous year's, for example).

The content topic is what we’ll cover in the coming weeks as we look at a few other considerations to watch out for during the busy holiday season.  If you’re getting slammed with extra holiday work, consider sending us a note (or a cry for help) and let us put an extra set of eyes on your account, whether through an audit or management assistance.

All the best with your holiday advertising!