The Upstream Power of Video with Remarketing

A lot of businesses talk about wanting to get more leads (or sales) and how they might crack the nut of getting new customers. Often that requires new relationships, which means generating awareness and demand up the sales funnel—before people start into the research and buying phases. This need to think further up the funnel is especially true in markets where the competition is heavy and the readily available shopping audience is already saturated with advertising.

The Case for Video

As of this writing, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Some projections have it surpassing Google in the next few years. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and one that you ignore at your own risk in today’s climate. Many of those YouTube viewers may not yet be thinking about your products/services, but when they do, you should have already been in front of them so your brand is in their mind from the get-go.

The Case for Remarketing

We’ve written on the basics of remarketing before, so if you’re unfamiliar with this form of advertising, please take a moment to peruse that article. Since writing that post, remarketing technology has continued to pick up steam, and more options are available than ever before. If you’re not on the bandwagon yet—which most business are not—please look into it this week. Let us know if you need help.

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Painting Some Pictures: A Car Purchaser

Research has shown that the average car buyer starts their thinking and research process up to 14 weeks prior to identifying themselves to a dealership (whether online or in person). By the time a person shows up with buying intent in mind, they’re already 80% of the way to their purchase decision.

Let’s run with that scenario for a minute. Rather than waiting for the next car buyer to come to you, how do you get in front of that shopper earlier in the process? A few ideas:

  • Run a 30-second video ad on YouTube for your dealership. Be sure to geographically target users who are in your area!

  • Users see the video as they wait to watch “How to make a giraffe balloon animal,” and they can decide to skip it or check out your dealership.

  • The ones who click through to your site are tagged into your remarketing audience of “People Who Saw YouTube Ad Spot.” Aha, an audience has identified themselves!

  • With the power of remarketing, you now have options:

    • (1) Begin showing these people another round of video ads that depicts a strong benefit of working with your team.

    • (2) Target this same audience with AdWords PPC ads when they search for relevant car-related things such as “consumer reports toyota reviews.” This continues your relationship with them as they move deeper into the funnel.

    • (3) Create a landing page on the site that’s about consumer reports, reviews, the advantages of working with you, etc. The key is to make the landing page content match the stage of their shopping process.

I realize that this example of a car dealership may not be a perfect parallel to your situation, but the concepts behind it can provide a much-needed shot in the arm for many businesses.

It’s worth pointing out that this example is similar to what traditional TV advertising tries to accomplish, but with far better targeting, measurable results, and lower costs. By combining the power of online video ads and remarketing, your money is spent intentionally, developing relationships with potential customers early on in the buying process.