3 Tips to Increase Website Leads

I’m reminded of a picture I once saw of a guy holding a sign at a rally or protest of some sort. The sign said, “What Do We Want? Time Travel! When Do We Want It? It’s Irrelevant!”

If your business depends on lead generation, perhaps the cry is a little different: “What Do We Want? More Leads! When Do We Want Them? Always!”

And if you’ve been beating your head against the wall for long enough, trying to increase the flow of leads into your business, time travel may seem more likely than a change in your business’s trajectory.

Nashville Lead Generation

I don’t know much about time travel, but I know that generating leads from your website doesn’t necessarily have to be so daunting. So with that said, here are…

Three Tips to Increase Website Leads

  1. Make It Easy. If you are depending on website form submission for some of your leads, are you making it easy on the user? Do they have to hunt around for a form or is it easy to find and more specific than a generic “contact us” page? What’s the least amount of information you can require to get what you need? You may think it’s helpful to have a lot of data from these potential clients (and you may be right), but don’t underestimate how many people can be turned away by a too-ambitious form.
  2. A Can't-Miss Phone Number. It amazes me how many business websites I find that don’t have their phone number displayed prominently. Some people will always prefer talking to a real person over sending an email or submitting a form. And a phone call also gives your sales staff a chance to interact with this lead on a deeper level. Win-win. But if your phone number isn’t prominently displayed (as in, big and bold somewhere on each page), then that’s a lose-lose.

  3. Provide an Incentive. Why should someone give up their time and/or personal information to initiate contact with you? Perhaps you offer free quotes or a free consultation. Or maybe in exchange for submitting a lead, the customer gets a free download of some valuable content. Chances are, you already do something along these lines...but do you make those incentives clear?

At Pryor Consultation, we work every day with lead generation and conversion rate optimization (i.e., improving customer acquisition rates at every step of the process). If you’d like a free 30-minute consultation on how we can help your website drive new business, just shoot us a message or give us a call at 615-669-9728.

See what I did there? Made it easy to contact us, handed you the phone number, and provided an incentive. Did it work? If not, I’ll have to travel back in time and try it again.