Why Hiring an SEO Company Sucks

The short answer is because you don’t know if you can trust them. And we get that.

Odds are, you or one of your colleagues has been burned by an SEO provider in the past. Maybe the vendor wasn’t transparent and didn’t offer concrete examples of the work they were doing, or maybe they tried one specific tactic to game the system and wrecked your organic rankings. Or possibly the company claimed they could make your site #1 for a popular phrase, but after 12 months they didn’t have anything to show for your dollars spent.

Sadly, those experiences are not uncommon, and they leave businesses frustrated, angry, hurt, and likely scared about further SEO decisions. It can leave you gunshy, stuck in the weeds of the “what ifs”:

  • What if the next SEO company breaks the site even further? Can we sustain another blow like that?

  • What if they don’t know what they’re doing?

  • What if they only want to take our money?

  • What if we don’t understand the reports they give us?

  • What if they aren’t the best fit?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hiring a Nashville SEO Company

Nashville SEO Companies: What to Look For

A quality SEO company will offer you realistic expectations about what they can and can't do and what the results may be. They will not guarantee results, only the work they will put into solving the problem at hand. They will be helpful and educate you on the process of organic optimization. Reports will be freely handed off with time to explain what they say. They will want to know what non-organic efforts are happening that could be influencing organic results. They will want to know the bigger picture so they can provide an integrated service, not an isolated one.

If these things don’t happen, then you probably have the wrong SEO company. We’re not trying to be elitist or bad mouth the industry, but let’s be honest—we wouldn’t have to write this article if the industry had a great reputation.

And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let us know if you have questions; we’re here to help.