How Old Are Your Image Ads?

There's a national restaurant chain that recently ran a TV ad campaign encouraging people to come in from the cold for a bowl of piping hot soup. It included scenes of families making snowmen, their warm breath hanging in the air as they played on a dreary winter day.

It was a real heart-warmer of an ad, but there was just one problem: It was late March and roughly 65 degrees outside here in Nashville. Cold days aren’t something we’ll have to deal with again until Thanksgiving or so.

I assume this restaurant has been playing the same ad since October or November. And what may have started off as interesting or engaging eventually turned to background noise, and then it turned from background noise into, “Wait, don’t they know it’s spring now?”

If you’re running remarketing ads online, this same viewer fatigue may be happening with your audience. When was the last time you changed out your remarketing image ads? Have you been chasing people around the Internet with the exact same visuals and messaging for months and months on end?

If so, you’ve likely been tuned out by now.

Or worse, users have started taking notice in a negative way, wondering why they’re still seeing the same tired ads over and over and over again.

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Time for Fresh Start

Take a look at your remarketing ads. Have they been running on auto-pilot for the last several months (or longer)? If that’s the case, it’s probably time to come up with a new batch.

Think back over any changes in your business environment over that time period. Has your team developed any new visuals or updated your branding? Has your website been redesigned or refreshed? Have your business goals shifted in any way? Have new competitors begun crowding the market?

While you likely don’t need us to write new ads for you, hopefully these questions can get the gears turning for some updates, both with the visuals and messaging, in your next set of image ads.

And if you’re reading this and thinking something along the lines of, We don’t even have any image ads. And what is remarketing? we’d be glad to talk with you in more detail. Display ads and remarketing are only one of many potential channels for customer acquisition, but it’s a channel we’ve seen pay off time and time again for our clients.