And Here We Go…

After years of nearly every peer I know saying, “You really need to write about that.  Why don’t you have a blog?”...Well, no more excuses.  

Here it is.  Ryan, meet the Deep End.

But, of course, being such a relational person I had to get other folks involved.  

The Me In Team

What follows is not just mine, it is the collective work of the Pryor Consultation team (and friends).  The PC team is a group of professionals who I can truly say I’m honored and blessed to work with.  Not just because of who they are, but also because they so well compliment all the faults, flaws, and weaknesses I have as a strategist, manager, thinker, doer, writer, user of analogies. 

Ryan Pryor, owner and founder, Pryor Consultation

And this benefits everyone.  They’re constantly bringing their specialized perspectives on how we manage conversion rate and channel optimization for clients.

  • Zach Vinson always sees your website through the lense of content.  He asks the questions about “How can we make this better and easier to understand?  Is the structure easy to follow?”

  • Jon Hansen sees sites through the lense of the analytical personality, always wondering “What if?” and wanting to test a result, chasing the numbers.

  • Dustin Rohrer, while new to the field, has already astounded us with his insights about the ways of business and strategy.  He’s headed to Vanderbilt University for an MBA soon, so I fully expect him to stage a coup in about 2 years.

  • Marie Fuzzell is reading this blog right now and shaking her head about my grammar.  She allways gotta be write. And she’s a good righter about stuff.

Most important, though, each of them keeps customers and business goals in mind at all times.  

We don’t “optimize for the hell of it.”  We go where your customers are, understand them, then position your site to be as customer-friendly as possible.

That’s the only way to market.

The Hammer and the Saw...

Search engine optimization (SEO), paid search ads (PPC), social media, email, remarketing, content creation…these are all just tools we use to meet your business goals.  

The result is improved conversion rates.  And that’s what we’re all after.  That and fun.  Well, fun and gummy worms.  Fun and gummy worms and improved conversion rates.  Priorities.

So, here you go.  And here we go.

Read up and send us feedback about what you find helpful, what you’d like to know more about, and how we can help.  

Up and to the right.