As we have discussed before, there are many conversion points in the web experience.  In future posts we’ll cover how conversion rates at these various points look, and offer some thoughts on ways to improve them.

Search Engine Optimization as a Conversion Point

Often when I speak with businesses about conversion rates, they automatically jump to thinking about their shopping carts or lead close rates.  And that’s quite valid.  Those are two extremely important conversion points, and they mean more immediate cash.

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But there are also the conversions of people coming to your site.  If they are browsing on a search engine and your site shows up, you haven’t won their business yet.  They have to “click and stick,” convert from a view to a visitor.

But…what if your site does not show up well?

Specifically, what if it does not have visibility for keywords that relate to your business goals?

That’s missed opportunity, no other way around it. If you site’s not “there”--visible in the search results--then you have zero chance of converting a searcher to a visitor, and no way to gain them as a customer.

Suddenly, being visible in the organic search results takes on a new shape.  It’s no longer a matter of ego about rankings (“I have to be #1!”), it’s a matter of dollars being handed over to your competitors!  No contest, they just won the business by simply being available and converting those searchers into visitors.  

Meanwhile, your organic click-thru-rate (CTR) in those instances was a solid 0%.

Looking Ahead

If we continue down the path of conversions, moving an individual from the organic search listings and onto the website, we’re faced with any number of new conversion points to optimize. And the exciting thing is that if we can continue to incrementally improve the conversion rate at each of those points, we’ll begin to see the end result (leads, sales, calls) dramatically increase.  Exponentially, in fact.

We love working on improving conversion rates for clients.  If this post resonates with your particular business scenario, please let us know.  What has your experience with SEO been like?  Has it been approached as “rankings are the end” or as “rankings are the start of conversions…a means to an end”?

Hopefully it’s clear which way we view things.