What Is Your Competitive SEV Saying?

I suppose the first question we need to make sure we answer is, “What is SEV?” There are a few other posts that dig through the nuts and bolts of what SEV is and how it can really save your website, but now let’s discuss how we can apply it to competitive analysis work.

SEV stands for Search Engine Visibility, and it’s simply a methodology for measuring the organic ranking of a website. By grouping keywords into categories, we can get a much more comprehensive view of how the search engines view your site. When we compare that to the performance of your competitors’ sites, it brings a whole new set of insights. Let’s take a look.

So…Competitive SEV?

It’s actually pretty straightforward (now that we’ve reviewed SEV). Since search engine rankings are public information, we can measure the SEV of any website. So, why not watch your competitors? Why not measure their SEV and keep it in your line of sight while you work on improving your website?  

Competitive SEV Report

The above information is not just pretty and good to know, it’s telling of the problem we’re trying to solve. It’s a snapshot of what the priorities of organic optimization should be. Looking at this information, we can quickly see that Competitor 1 is the website to target for how to win traffic in the Nashville market. (As an aside, the keywords in this example are broken down by geography, but it could just as easily be divided by product type, services, or whatever metric is most valuable to your business.)

With this competitive SEV, you can now determine where best to direct your time, money, and resources in organic optimization. And you can make these decisions based on a panoramic view of where the market stands—not in a vacuum, based solely on the performance of your own site.

This report can also help inform your decisions in other marketing channels. For example, your paid search strategy may need to change to augment an area where you are falling behind in the organic rankings.

Interested in seeing a competitive SEV (CompSEV) for your website? We offer them as part of our CompThreat competitive analysis report. If you’re wondering how you stack up against your competitors, or why they may be “eating your lunch,” let’s talk. Time and time again we’ve seen these reports confirm suspicions, discover new areas for growth, and shape our clients’ digital strategies for the coming 6-12 months.