An Audit Can Be a Good Thing (Part 2)

Competitive Audit

In a previous post we discussed the need for frequent audits of your various digital properties.  Such audits may analyze some or all of these areas:

  • Website SEO standing

  • Competitive marketing tactics

  • Website content

  • Social media efforts

  • Email marketing programs

  • Data and analytics systems (measurement!)

Our earlier post covered the nature of a website SEO audit and touched on the need for regular competitive landscape analysis (an audit of your competitors).  So, let’s consider the idea of a competitive audit a little more closely.  

SEO Audit - Pryor Consultation.jpg

Really there’s no fixed method for performing a competitive audit.  In fact, such an audit could simply look at the SEO elements of your website versus your competitors’, or perhaps it might include SEO elements, design layouts, and blog content.

When we perform a competitive analysis, however, we take a broader view. By looking into several online categories that you and your competitors share, we can get a more comprehensive understanding of where your deficiencies are and use those findings to make recommendations on how you can grow your business. Here are some of the top-level categories that we look at for a competitive landscape analysis (aka “CompThreat”):

  • Essential website SEO elements

  • Paid search advertising (PPC, AdWords)

  • Local business listings

  • Website copy and content tone (e.g., is it too technical?)

  • Search engine visibility (SEV) for competitive keywords

  • Social media properties

We also insist on performing a quick audit of the client’s website analytics system (usually Google Analytics) to make sure there are no key metrics that aren’t being tracked.  This is not something we are able to investigate with competitors, but it does set clients up for longer-term success by making sure they are accurately measuring their website goals.

Are you keeping an eye on your competitors? If so, how many are you watching?

We’re curious to know what key aspects of your competitors you monitor.  What are you doing that has really helped? Email me at with your feedback or if you have any questions about what a competitive audit would look like for your business.