Content vs. Great Content

In what will be an on-going series, we are going to point out some sites that go above and beyond in offering truly excellent content.

Let’s be honest, even getting mediocre content on your website is much harder than it sounds. How many blogs do you stumble upon that haven’t been updated in over a year?

My personal favorites are the ones that start something like this:

“Sorry we haven’t written on here in so long--that’s definitely going to change moving forward…”

We’re all full of good intentions, but carrying them out can be a different story.

But what about the companies and individuals that not only create new content, but create great new content, content that breaks into the routine of our daily lives and resonates with something deeply human within us?

Those companies deserve special mention, and hopefully their success can give us all the impetus we need to create something great ourselves.

seth godin.jpg

Great Content: Seth Godin

Great content doesn’t have to be an expensive video or an elaborately-designed infographic. It can be as simple as saying the right words. And there are few who do that as well as Seth Godin.

His recent blog post, “More People Saying Less (and a Few People Saying More)” is not only a good read on its own, but it also speaks directly into the difficulty and risk of creating great content:

There's a cost of speaking up, of course. The cost of being wrong, or rubbing someone the wrong way, or merely in living with the uncertainty of what will happen next.

There's a cost to being banal, though. That cost isn't as easily felt, but it's real. It's the cost of boring your audience. [. . . ]

It's much easier to spend a lot of time making your microphone louder than it is working on making your message more compelling.

The path of chiming in is safe and easy and carries little apparent risk and less reward (for you and for your readers). Choosing to dig deep and say more, though, is where both risk and reward live.

Content is hard. Great content is even harder. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time and energy. Take the risk, make something great, and enjoy the rewards.

If you’re not sure where to begin in creating great content, we can help. By combining our seasoned group of strategists and writers with your understanding of your industry and customers, we can evaluate your existing content, compare it to industry standards, and craft a customized plan to guide your next four months of content. We call it “Content Refresh,” and we’d love to chat with you more about it!