More than Just Numbers: Analytics that Drive Content

Some people are left-brained, some are right-brained.

Some think in numbers, others think in words.

In online marketing, some want to splice the data in a million ways, others want to skip the data entirely and focus on the experience of the user.

What’s really beautiful, though, is when those things are able to work together seamlessly. Which is, as always, easier said than done.

It can be easy to get lost in hours and hours of crunching data, splitting your users’ behavior into segment after segment until you’ve completely forgotten what you were looking for in the first place.

But when you dissect the data with one eye on your content, using analytics to inform the qualitative aspects of your site, it’s a magical thing.

Analytics and Data - Pryor Consultation - Nashville

Here are just a few examples of how analytics can drive your content:

  • Analytics: 76% of your visitors are female.

  • Content: you realize your page copy is directed more towards males and needs to be re-evaluated.

  • Analytics: your site received more than 5,000 visitors last month because a high-profile blog linked to it.

  • Content: you choose to write more articles on your site that fit the needs of that blog’s readers.

  • Analytics: Twitter is consistently among your top referring domains month after month.

  • Content: you set aside more time and energy for developing content that you can tweet to your followers.

One of our clients was in serious need of driving more leads, and they were putting most of their energy into re-thinking their home page and their PPC landing pages to get those leads. However, our analytics work showed that their product pages were getting about 3x the traffic that their home page was. And those product pages had very little compelling content. Our recommendations showed them the need to re-direct their efforts toward overhauling their product pages: a new design, new page copy, and new lead forms that accompanied downloadable product guides.

I know just enough about Google Analytics to be dangerous, but it’s not where I spend most of my time. I’m more of a right-brained, qualitative thinker. But without the insight that analytics can give, many of the content choices I make would be nothing more than a shot in the dark.

Analytics. Content. Don’t allow them to exist in two separate worlds. It’s the thoughtful integration of the two that provides guidance and cohesion for all the choices you make with your website.