Remarketing: An Easy Win

No matter what your business objectives are, one of the quickest ways to get more out of your website is to create a remarketing campaign.  Remarketing, also called retargeting, is using ads to market to people who have already visited your website (the idea is that you are marketing to visitors again, hence re-marketing). 

Remarketing and Retargeting - Nashville PPC

If you’ve done any browsing on the internet at all, there’s a good chance you’ve been remarketed to.  A few months back I was shopping for a new rain jacket and spent some time looking at five different websites for outdoor gear.  I’m a fairly tedious shopper, so of course I didn’t buy the jacket that day.  Over the next few weeks, as I continued my regular browsing patterns, I continually saw ads from these websites, often showing the specific jackets I had been looking at previously.  These dynamic ads also displayed pictures of jackets similar in style or brand. 

Since I work in digital marketing, I knew I was being remarketed to, but I couldn’t help but click on the ads!  Every time I saw the ads I was reminded that I needed a rain jacket, and I kept hoping I’d find the right one.  Before beginning my search, I had never heard of, but because they were the most effective remarketer, that’s where I ended up purchasing my jacket.  Plus, I’ve seen their ads so many times that the brand is imprinted on my memory!

Remarketing Respectfully

While remarketing ads can be helpful to consumers, they can also come across as invasive or unsettling.  For many consumers, remarketing ads reveal that someone is observing their browsing patterns.  In some cases, overexposure and poor strategy can lead visitors to have a negative association with your brand.

At Pryor Consultation, we have the technical expertise to set up your remarketing campaign and the experience to craft a successful strategy around it:

  • Effectively segmenting your visitors

  • Displaying specific ad content to those segments

  • Bringing returning visitors to segment-specific content on your site

  • Limiting overexposure

  • Using data to improve results over time

We can also ensure that your remarketing campaigns comply with the legal disclosure requirements, giving visitors an opportunity to opt-out.

In most cases, our clients find that remarketing or retargeting campaigns offer the highest ROI in the world of paid advertising.  Is remarketing right for your business?  Drop us a line to discuss your business goals and your remarketing options.