Why Analytics?

Big data and analytics. They can be a great thing. They can also be useless if you don’t glean insights from them that affect your business decisions. Otherwise, it becomes numbers for numbers’ sake.

As we’ve talked about before, data and analytics are at their best when used to inform the content and design choices of your website.

Google Analytics Nashville - Pryor Consultation

So how do you make the jump from staring at pie charts and graphs to actually making informed decisions based on your data? Here are just a few fairly simple metrics we look at to gauge how well your website is meeting your business goals:

Average page views:  When users visit your website, how many different webpages do they view before converting or leaving?  How deep are they getting into the content of your website?  A higher number of page views isn’t always better, as it can be an indication that customers can’t find what they are looking for, and that your navigation or site structure needs improvement.

Average visit duration:  How much time do visitors spend on your website?  Combined with the average page views, these metrics reveal how engaging your content is or is not.  

Bounce rate:  The percentage of users who visit your website and view only one page before leaving.  Most often it’s the result of someone clicking on a link to your site, deciding your website is not relevant or valuable at the moment, and then clicking on the browser’s back button.  

Device usage:  The breakdown of users who visit your site using desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.  In most cases, we find that a significant portion of visitors are using mobile devices, but that the site was designed with desktop users in mind.  

Visitor location:  The countries, states, and cities of your visitors.  We often discover opportunities outside of our clients' current target market.

Most-visited pages:  Where users spend the most time on your website.  Beyond the home page, what are the most-visited pages and are customers actually getting to the most valuable content of your site?

In isolation, most of these analytics metrics don’t mean a lot.  But tracking them together over time often reveals critical insights into how your online presence is meeting your business goals (or how it’s not).