How to Start Your Social Media Strategy

When are you ready to create your social media marketing strategy?

When you know your company’s digital capabilities—from your budget to your CRM tools to your staff’s bandwidth and expertise. When you know your customer—what platforms they’re on, what they’re doing, and what problems they need solved. When you know what content is working for your competitors. When you’ve created and executed your content strategy—and you know this means SEO and email too.

And finally, when you know what business goals—improving profitability, retention, new business, etc.—you’re going to align your social media marketing strategy with.

Social Media Strategy - Pryor Consultation - Nashville

So what should you do now? Set your goals and objectives.

Here are some reasonable social media marketing goals to consider:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Generate leads

  • Engage with your customers

Now create your S.M.A.R.T. Objectives to help you stay on track to meet your broader goals.

Examples of SMART Social Media Objectives:

  • To grow following by 10% before Q2 2015

  • To increase downloads by 10% before Q3 2015

  • To increase assisted conversions by 10% before Q4 2015

Examples of DUMB Social Media Objectives:

  • To get 10,000 followers

  • To create viral content

  • To produce 10 videos for YouTube

You made it! You've set a strong foundation for your social media strategy by articulating your goals and objectives, and hopefully talked yourself and your team out of some, ahem, less intelligent objectives that you had been considering.

The next step is to determine what platforms are relevant to accomplish these goals and what support tools you're going to use to manage the work. It's a topic we'll tackle soon, so keep checking back on the Pryor Consultation blog.If you can't wait that long or find yourself in need of some more specific guidance, shoot us a message. We'd love to chat with you about the challenges you're up against.