Big Brand Quality on a Small Budget

It’s easy to look at the content created by big brands and say, “Now that’s what we need to be doing!” That’s all well and good, but the truth is that the odds are stacked against you if you are trying to measure up to the Apples, Coca-Colas, and Amazons of your particular industry.

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So if your budget for an upcoming marketing campaign measures in the thousands (or even hundreds) rather than in the millions, what can you do to out-shine your well-heeled competitors? Here are a couple tenets to guide you.

Find the Human Element

People love stories. And even better, stories are free. So what story is your content telling?

The kind of story it needs to be telling is one that digs through the noise of our culture and touches on something foundational about our shared experiences as humans.

That’s a tall task, to be sure, and maybe one that you’ve never considered before. But even companies with seemingly unlimited budgets aren’t going to have marketing success unless they’re telling the right story.

For example, if you were in the hearing aid business, the story isn’t that hearing aids could help you hear better. The story is that you can’t understand the words your grandchildren are saying. Or maybe the story is that you rarely leave your house anymore because the noise of public places makes it too difficult to communicate with your friends in those settings.

The story says, “We see you. We see you in this specific pain or fear or joy or worry, and we understand.” When you find that, you’ve found your human element.

Only Release “Excellent”

Once you’ve found the human element and are able to craft a story around it, you’ll have some direction on what type of content you need. Should you tell this story through videos? Brochures? Facebook ads? A website re-design?

Here is where you start to feel the constraints of your budget, where your grand visions rub up against the reality of your financial limitations.

And this is where you need to remind yourself, Only Release Excellent.

Don’t stretch your budget to create eight decent videos; make two excellent videos.

Don’t design an OK-looking website with a lot of bells and whistles; make a slimmed-down site where every element is excellent, and every element serves to tell your brand’s story.

If it isn’t excellent (and you need to decide what that means for your particular scenario), don’t release it. Simple as that.

If you find the human element and only release “excellent,” you’re going to have content that can go to battle against anything your competitors have to offer.