Questions to Ask When Redesigning Your Site

Previously I wrote about “How to Make Your Website Redesign Matter” and that it really takes a group effort of people you probably wouldn’t expect to be involved in the project from the beginning.  A website redesign is SO MUCH MORE THAN MAKING IT PRETTIER.  (ahem, excuse the e-yelling.)

Your website is your #1 selling tool.  Or it should be.  Have you considered it from that perspective before?

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It never sleeps, so you can garner business your sales team isn’t awake to address.  It requires a “salary” (upkeep, hosting, etc.), sure, but that’s generally less than the cost of one employee.  It constantly represents your brand.  I could go on, but the important thing is that your website needs to be a business asset that returns you money.  It should pay for itself at every turn.  

So get the right people on a redesign project from the start.  Make the redesign matter to your bottom line, and see it as a step forward, not a capital investment you have to bear to keep up with the Joneses.

Website Design Questions

The marketers, content folk, designers, strategists, analysts, developers, user interface designers, etc., are a group of people who should pose questions like this:

  • “What are your top-selling products and how do they compare to what your competitors offer?”

  • “Other than ads or search engines, how are people finding your website, and how do we capitalize on that?”

  • “Is this PDF helpful or should it be removed from the site?”  (Perhaps it’s more suited to offline delivery, or during the sales process)

  • “How much is the site accessed from mobile devices, and how do people find it or engage with it when they enter from one device versus another?”

  • “Can people easily find what they’re looking for?”  In other words, does the navigation make sense as people drill into the site?

  • “Do these photos represent the company brand well?  Can we make sure there are unique, non-stock images used?”

  • “Of all your conversion points, which ones are you tracking, and which are the most valuable?”

  • “What is the site’s current conversion rate and how can we improve that?”

  • “If we make these changes, will there be a negative impact to the site’s current traffic?”

Those last two questions might be the most important.  If your site loses traffic or the conversion rate sinks lower, the redesign may harm where it should have helped.

Do you have the right people in place to answer these questions…and ask the other 137 I didn’t list?

(Yup, I made up the number 137.)