Competitive Landscape Report

We offer three unique marketing audits, one of which focuses on a detailed analysis of your competition, giving you a more accurate view of your market. We call it our CompThreat.

In all cases CompThreat provides the client with actionable insights that can be leveraged immediately for improved online presence.


What Do We Get with a Competitor Research Report?

When the competitive homework is through, we’ll bring you the report and spend time going over our recommendations, so you can see where the gaps and opportunities are.

Head over to the CompThreat page for more information about the specifics of what the research and reporting entail.

Ok . . . What's Next?

Due to the actionable information we uncover, nearly every CompThreat has led to a “What’s next?” discussion with our clients. You could use the report as a benchmark, kept on file for later action. However, most clients want to prioritize and move forward with our recommendations. We can help there as well by providing services directly or by referring you to other service providers.