Competitive Marketing Analysis







Of our clients have found their CompThreat to be some of the most insightful and helpful business intelligence they've ever had.

This comprehensive analysis compares your website against three of your top competitors, identifying areas of potential growth and pitfalls to avoid, demonstrating missed revenue opportunity, pointing out areas of wasted effort or dollars, and offering steps to take toward bridging these gaps.

You want to know where to most effectively spend your next marketing dollars... but which method is best?  Are you wasting money already on efforts that are misguided or do you suspect there could be better return in a different channel?  What are your competitors doing? How can you know? What are the quickest wins?

These are questions Pryor Consultation helps answer regularly. Typically, clients who work with us find our analysis:

  • Confirms suspicions they had, but couldn't prove without data
  • Uncovers opportunities for closing competitive gaps, and excelling
  • Highlights efforts that may be burning hours or dollars unnecessarily
  • Provides a plan to shape the next 12+ months of their marketing strategy

Which of these outcomes would be a game changer for your business?

Analysis Includes:

  • Your website vs. 3 top competitors
  • Competitive keyword research and report
  • Website content review
  • Technical SEO review
  • Site conversion potential
  • Online advertising channels
  • Measurement tool check


  • CompThreat presentation
  • Competitive Search Engine Visibility report (SEV)
  • In person (where possible) review and discussion of findings

Timing & Pricing

  • 2 weeks, approx.
  • More than 3 competitors can be examined if desired, which can affect timing and pricing.
  • Call to discuss your specific needs. (615) 669-9728


NOTE: The Competitive Marketing Analysis pairs well with AdCheck, Pryor Consultation’s Paid Search Account Audit.

What do we get with a report?

The short answer is “online market research.” Unless your company works exclusively online, chances are very high that your offline and online competitors are not the same. And even online-only businesses typically are not aware of all their competitors, due to the speed of the market and the company’s priorities in other business divisions.

We review three competitors -- some defined by you, or those discovered by our research -- by considering conceptual and keyword overlaps, marketing channels, overall web content, core site design and structure, data opportunities, and a few other items, just for good measure.

The next steps...

When the competitive homework is through, we’ll bring you the report and spend time going over our recommendations so you can see where the gaps and opportunities are.

Our list of recommendations flows from the research, but we also take into consideration the level of effort, expenses, and timing of the recommendations so the prioritization is appropriate to your budget and speed of adoption.

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