Every business wants to grow. That's not the question. The question is how.

We believe an essential part of growing a business is to examine your competitors. Where do you have advantages over them? Where do you fall short? What changes can you make to stand out from the pack?

Those are the questions that a CompThreat answers. And we do that by researching and comparing well over 100 different aspects of your online presence against that of your competitors. It's a comprehensive audit that looks at everything from SEO practices to paid search accounts, from search engine visibility to conversion potential, measurement systems, and more.

With a CompThreat, we will work with you to identify your three biggest online competitors. You may know who those companies are without batting an eye, or you may want our assistance identifying them. We may find that the online marketplace has introduced competitors who haven't even been on your radar.

In our experience, three competitors is the minimum number to get a well-informed view of your market, but in some cases it will take comparing four or five competitors to fully grasp your situation. This is something we determine with each client on a case-by-case basis.

How could a CompThreat help your business? Do you see the possibilities yet?

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