We could spend plenty of time talking about the variety of ways we've seen CompThreats help businesses, but sometimes there's just no substitute for hearing it straight from other clients. Here is what a few of them have had to say:

"I knew there was something wrong with our site’s visibility, I just couldn’t figure out how to prove it. We had been doing well a year ago, and now we weren’t getting many calls. Our site’s redesign seemed to be the issue, but I couldn’t be sure, so I commissioned a CompThreat. It confirmed that our organic system was a mess, but highlighted that our site is doing far better than most in our field for conversion potential [leads]."

  Sherri Wellborn, Marketing, Mid South Construction

"We were concerned that our web presence was failing for our market. SEO, AdWords, content…all kinds of things we were worried were harming us—or at least might not be helping. The CompThreat analysis helped us understand what we were doing well and what needed improvement, with a plan of attack.  It turns out we were doing much better than we thought, and having the CompThreat's confirmation was a huge help for setting us in the right direction."

Christina Rado, Marketing Coordinator, The Law Offices of James Flexer

Sherri and Christina both touch on a key part of the CompThreat: it will not only uncover things that need improvement, it will also provide confirmation (and peace of mind) regarding the areas where your efforts are paying off.

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