Data & Analytics


When it comes down to the brass tacks of web marketing, it’s about being able to measure and improve whatever you do. Every visitor leaves behind data on your site, and the more of that data we can collect and analyze, the better we can know what’s working and what’s not. 


Measuring & Improving

Data MeasurementThink how nice it would be to measure how well every one of your marketing channels is working. You would know what needs to be funded more and what needs to be cut entirely. Our analytics work often uncovers unexpected things that inform how we should continue to shift and improve your website.

When we put our understanding of your business in context with the data we find, we can then return business insights you can put into action.

Data Sources: Everywhere

“We have Google Analytics on our site, and that’s all we’ve ever used . . . it’s good enough for our needs.”

Binary dataWell that may be true, but most companies don't use Google Analytics to its full potential. Are you tracking more than pageviews? How many people watched the company vision video you spent three months making? Did it have an impact on your site’s outcomes? How do you know . . . ?

Do you have a Contact Resource Management (CRM) system in place? How are you using it? Is it tied to your incoming web data so you can prove the long-term or life-time value of your customers instead of looking at them as just website visitors?

What about phone calls? Are those important to your business? Are you tracking and reporting on them? How do they tie back to your website and CRM data? Have you mined the recordings to see if there are requests for information or products that you could be providing?

As you can see, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Contact Pryor Consultation today to see how our data and analytics expertise could change the way you see your business.