Contact us about your business and we'll discuss the problems you're experiencing. We'll run through some business overview questions, discuss your competitors, and get enough of an understanding to know what the next steps should be. If, for some reason, your business is unique enough that we suspect a CompThreat will not be immediately beneficial, we'll suggest a different course of action.

However, we're very proud to say that every business we've done a CompThreat for has thanked us for the insight, direction, and education that comes with our review. Every single one. Our CompThreat has a 100% satisfaction rate. 

So, what's holding your company back?  Are you tired of of making decisions off of suspicions, hunches, and guesses? Let us help you dig deeper. Contact us to get started.


  • CompThreat presentation
  • Competitive Search Engine Visibility report (SEV)
  • In person (where possible) review and discussion of findings
  • Concrete actions to take moving forward

Timing & Pricing:

  • 2 weeks, approx.
  • Pricing starts at $2,500.
  • Includes 3 competitor URLs
    • More than 3 competitors can be examined if desired, for an additional fee of $350/ea.
    • Adding competitors may be recommended if your business spans multiple product categories or locales.

Categories Reviewed:

  • Technical SEO
  • Page Content
  • Paid Search (PPC / AdWords)
  • Local Search
  • Conversion Potential
  • Social Media
  • Data & Analytics Systems
  • Search Engine Visibility (SEV)

What We Will Need:

We will need to ask you some questions to understand your products or services, and the general picture of your business and market landscape.  It can also be helpful to know what you are currently doing, or have done in the past, in terms of your marketing efforts.

Quesions? Call to discuss your specific needs. (615) 669-9728

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