It's our experience that a CompThreat will provide a combination of these four things:

  1. Confirmation of suspicions you already had
  2. Discovery of strengths/weaknesses you didn't know about
  3. Clarity on where to direct your marketing dollars
  4. An informed outline of "What next?"

Let's talk a bit more about #4.

One of the most important things a CompThreat can give you is confidence. No more going off of "hunches." No more "Let's throw some money at this and see if it gets better." No more indecision based a lack of knowledge or information.

After we examine all of the different aspects of your web presence and that of your competitors, we will outline a list of opportunities. These opportunities will be prioritized so you can see which will have the biggest impact at the lowest cost of time and / or money.

Here's an example from a recent CompThreat for a locally-focused business:

Some of our recommendations may be things that we can execute for you, and that's a conversation we're glad to have. Other recommendations may lie outside our skill set, and we won't hesitate to say so. We're glad to connect you with other vendors who do excellent work if you're not sure where to turn. Or if you have an internal digital team to make the changes, you can take the recommendations and run with them!

For Example...

One of our reports recently surprised the client by letting them know they were outperforming the majority of their competitors in organic listings for nearly every keyword category we reviewed.  So our recommendations didn't include any unnecessary organic optimization tweaks, only a review of their content.

On the other hand, they were working with a third-party provider for print and online advertising, and they suspected they weren't getting their money's worth. We strongly recommended they upgrade their data measurement system, and now they are better able to track user behavior as well as hold the advertising vendor more accountable.

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