SEO Audit vs. CompThreat

There are no shortage of agencies willing to sell you an SEO audit of your site. You can even find sites that will do some elements of that for free. But there are 3 key things we've learned over the years:

  1. While you may be focused on the SEO elements of your site, the deeper issue is the health of your web presence as a whole. This includes SEO, content, paid search, social media, search engine visibility, analytics, and more. CompThreat examines all of these areas.
  2. Whether an SEO audit says that your site is doing great or that it needs work, it begs the question: "Compared to what?" With a CompThreat, we also analyze your top 3 online competitors to see how your strengths and weaknesses match up against the businesses that matter to you.
  3. A typical SEO audit will likely show you some technical things that you need to address on your site, but then what? With a CompThreat, you'll get far more than a list of SEO tweaks. You'll get a prioritized list of strategic insights that can shape the next 6-12 months of digital marketing decisions.

We are a boutique agency, and we're about as hands-on as it gets. In other words, CompThreat isn't simply a software tool that spits out data. On the contrary, there are skilled human eyes involved in every step of this process. The result is level of familiarity and insight into your needs that, frankly, we don't think you'll find anywhere else.

Still think an SEO report is going to tell you what you need to know?

Categories Reviewed:

  • Technical SEO
  • Page Content
  • Paid Search (PPC / AdWords)
  • Local Search
  • Conversion Potential
  • Social Media
  • Data & Analytics Systems
  • Search Engine Visibility (SEV)


  • CompThreat presentation
  • Competitive Search Engine Visibility report (SEV)
  • In person (where possible) review and discussion of findings
  • Concrete actions to take moving forward

Timing & Pricing

  • 2 weeks, approx.
  • More than 3 competitors can be examined if desired, which can affect timing and pricing.
  • Call to discuss your specific needs. (615) 669-9728

What Other Businesses Say:


Get Started:

"I knew there was something wrong with our site’s visibility, I just couldn’t figure out how to prove it. We had been doing well a year ago, and now we weren’t getting many calls. Our site’s redesign seemed to be the issue, but I couldn’t be sure, so I commissioned a CompThreat. It confirmed that our organic system was a mess, but highlighted that our site is doing far better than most in our field for conversion potential [leads]."

  Sherri Wellborn, Marketing, Mid South Construction

"We were concerned that our web presence was failing for our market. The CompThreat analysis helped us understand what we were doing well and what needed improvement, with a plan of attack. Having the CompThreat's confirmation was a huge help for setting us in the right direction."

Christina Rado, Marketing Coordinator, The Law Offices of James Flexer

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