Website SEO Audit and Analysis


Search engine rankings can make or break your online business. The difference between a page 1 or a page 2 ranking can be significant. If your company is operating in a competitive market, you may have difficulty ranking well. And while keyword rankings are not the end goal of SEO, the traffic they drive is.

We can help untangle the confusion of whether a website is working well in the search engines, and present you with a list of actions you can take to solve the problems we uncover. In several cases we’ve seen results shift within a few weeks of implementing our changes.

If your business’ website is experiencing a decline in search engine rankings, or you believe there is untapped potential for you to rank higher and drive more customers to your site, then a SiteCheck website SEO audit is in order.

The SiteCheck SEO audit is a great fit for websites and businesses of all sizes.

Analysis Includes:

  • Organic keyword analysis
  • Website content check
  • Back-end code-level review
  • General link review
  • List of broken links on client website


  • Report detailing areas requiring attention
  • Search Engine Visibility (SEV) report
  • List of 10 priority items to be addressed

Timing & Pricing

  • 1 - 2 weeks
  • Call to discuss your specific needs. (615) 669-9728

NOTE: The Website SEO Analysis pairs well with Pryor Consultation’s Paid Search Account Audit.

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